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This is where our task force team will post updates about our ongoing work.


The purpose of these updates is to:


  • Document our process for increased transparency with stakeholders (e.g. UNC Health leaders, UNC Health employees, childcare providers, state agencies, etc.)

  • Share what we’re learning in real-time so others can apply these learnings to their own work

  • Provide a snapshot for how we are using human-centered design principles like empathy, optimism, and iteration to guide our work.


Each update includes four different parts:

  1. A how might we statement (HMW). In a human-centered design approach, we assume that there are solutions and explicitly frame some questions in this manner to facilitate divergent thinking (e.g. brainstorming) activities. For each update, we will share the guiding question for the day.

  2. What we learned. This section covers what we learned that day from conversations, the news, government websites, etc.

  3. Insights. Here are the takeaways we’ve synthesized after our conversations and tasks for the day. We hope that they are helpful for others to consider.

  4. Questions generated. We often have more questions at the end of the day than at the start of the day and that’s okay. This is where we will share the questions that our team is thinking about next


Thanks for your interest in our work!

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