How might we provide guidance to parents and childcare providers on short-term, informal childcare?

HMW: How might we provide guidance to parents and childcare providers on short-term, informal childcare solutions?

What we’ve learned:

  • Our Task Force members have been fielding asks about connecting healthcare workers with immediate, informal childcare options as we continue to work on more formal solutions at larger scale. 

  • UNC Health Care will work with us to administer a survey ASAP to assess immediate and longer-term childcare needs.

  • Henderson County and Onslow County are working to provide emergency care for school-aged children for their healthcare workers.

  • Governor Roy Cooper enacted Executive Order No. 120 ordering that public schools remain closed through May 15, 2020 among other closures. 


  • It is stressful for healthcare workers to consider these different childcare options for children 0 to 17 amidst an already very stressful time at work. 

  • Different parents will choose different childcare solutions for their children - and that is okay.

  • We need to provide ways to minimize risk for folks using shorter-term, informal childcare options ASAP. Folks are already using these informal options and want to know how to minimize risks with the solutions they’ve opted into.  

  • We need to consider minimizing risk for not only children providers for these informal childcare options; many resources are currently for the safety of children.

Questions generated:

  • Now that schools have been ordered by the governor to remain closed through May 15, 2020, how much greater is the need for emergency childcare for children 0 to 17 among healthcare workers?

  • What questions do healthcare worker parents have about the different informal childcare options? i.e. What questions can we help answer?

  • How are Duke and WakeMed progressing on emergency childcare plans for their healthcare workers?

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